Self Storage Questions – FAQs

Why should I store my RV, coach or boat inside?


  • Protection of a very expensive asset.
  • Limit damage from the elements, like Sun & UV damage, rain,
    wind and freezing temperatures
  • Reduce the “Black Streaks” on the side of your RV caused by storing it outside
  • Removal of the RV or Boat from your property
  • Limiting neighborhood, family and “friend” complaints
  • Zoning and Home Owner Association compliance
  • Freeing up garage and driveway space on your property
  • Some locations offer electrical service in their units to keep your
    batteries charged at all times.

We offer this service in our units


  • Some locations offer heat to keep your RV in “ready to use” condition.  So you do not need to winterize your RV or 5th wheel after each use.
    This is also important to keep your electronics in great shape, for example your plasma TV’s need to enjoy a warm climate.
    We offer this amenity in some of our units


Why should I choose GSS for my storage needs?


  • Lights
  • Electric (120 v, 15 amp)
  • 12′ wide x 14′ high roll up door
  • 16′ inside unit height
  • Our units range in length from 38’ to 80’ deep and also range in width from 14’ to 30’ wide
  • Access to water and dump station onsite
  • Easy access to Lancaster, Harrisburg & York, PA. We are located along Route 283 which runs between Lancaster and Harrisburg, PA
  • 24 hour access to your unit.
  • Each unit is individually locked by the owner of the contents
    You can also store more than your coach in the unit if you desire.
  • All of our storage is inside!
  • Some units have heat to 40’s which is great because you do not need to winterize your unit.
  • Month to Month lease (I just need a 30 day notice of cancelation)
  • Annual leasing discounts
    You can also prepay for 12 months and get the 13th month rent free.
  • SECURITY CAMERAS now installed.  We currently utilize 40 security cameras with 24 hour motion activation recording.
  • We also offer ONLINE payments and autobill.


Can I work on vehicles or other item in your storage units?


  • No, we are setup and designed for “dead” storage only.  Some small exceptions could be made on a case by case basis


Is your facility secure and safe?


  • Short answer – of Course!  We work really hard to make sure our property is safe and secure.  We operate a trucking business out of the same property, so generally speaking we have lots of staff and other people around at any given (and random) times.  We also live here, with lots of activity and great lighting.  We also utilize 40 security cameras throughout the property that activate on 24 hour motion control.  Plus, this area is a fantastic area to live and work.


What do you do about rodents and mice?


  • We pay a professional bait service company to make sure we are staying on top of things.  They service our property every week, with over a hundred baiters and professional grade rodenticides.  In our experience, with the service we utilize and our secure doors and units, we have not experienced any rodent issues in the past.  We’ll continue to provide this service.


Do you need a key to my storage unit?


  • Nope, you provide your own lock and whoever you give the key to is up to you.  We don’t recommend tagging your key with a unit number.  Just be smart.


When can I access my storage unit?


  • You can access it whenever you want!  Anytime of the day or night – Christmas or Easter, it’s up to you because you are welcome anytime!


How do I pay for my storage unit?


  • Great Question!  We offer online payments, automatic monthly payments, pre payment discounts, phone payments (not the most convenient), office payments, and 24 hour drop box payments – what more could you want?  MOST of our clients opt to have us automatically pull from a credit or debit card each month, pay online, or prepay.


We’re sure there are others – just contact us and we’ll be happy to answer anything you like!